About Next Casting Technologies

Next Casting Technologies (NCT) founded 2016, is a research and design-centric, biomedical technology company, with an expanding portfolio of intellectual property. Our mission is to increase company and shareholder value by commercializing proprietary technologies which positively impact peoples lives.

The NCT team of experienced engineers, designers, certification experts and business professionals combine advanced design with paradigm shifting technology engineered to disrupt and transform the casting, bracing and splinting space.

Where We're Heading

Our patent pending SmartCast technology has the potential to reshape the casting, splinting and bracing markets. The SmartCast family of products will enhance the patient experience and give the physician or clinician a significant time savings while maintaining a competitive market price.

Imagine the SmartCast microprocessor not just simplifying and managing the cast curing time, but also detecting swelling, and even promoting the fracture healing process. Our patent pending technology provides multiple pathways to expand our product lines into specialty casting and custom bracing markets. That's our vision. That’s Next.

Why Choose SmartCast

Doctors will choose SmartCast for several reasons. Speed, simplicity, design and therapeutic effectiveness. Casting technicians will appreciate the speed and simplicity of application, and the efficiencies gained in the casting room, both in terms of time and materials usage. Patients will love it because its just so much better in every way. The end result is a completely waterproof, anti-microbial, orthopedic cast, that is time saving for clinicians and a superior standard of care for patients.

SmartCast Technology